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International Journal of Industrial Engineering

                                                                              ISSN 2456-8449

International Journal of Industrial Engineering, Vol. 1, No. 2, 2017, Pages 43-46.


Implementation of Head Orientation Intelligent Controller for Wheelchair using MEMS Sensor
N. Dhanasekar, R. Abirami, A. Akshayadevi, M. Iswarya , B. Suriya       

​Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, A.V.C. College of Engineering, Mayiladuthurai - 609305. India.    
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The people who have lost the ability to control upper and lower limbs due to quadriplegia, amputated arms, paralysis or ageing side effects. The user requires special control systems to use an electrical wheelchair instead of using traditional control by joystick. This paper presents a novel implementation of head orientation intelligent controller for wheelchair with integrated sensors and the sensors measures the bio-signals of a person and sends the status to the doctor if abnormalities occur. The system uses accelerometer MEMS sensor, obstacle detection IR sensor, heart beat sensor, temperature sensor, GSM and eye blink sensor. The wheelchair movement direction and speed depend on the position of the user's head related to X, Y and Z axis. The MEMS sensor detects the position of head movement and control signal pass to the microcontroller. The system uses powerful PIC16F877A microcontroller to perform the control application and use embedded C for programming. This wheelchair uses an interactive system which overcomes the difficulties of existing system.

​​​​Keywords: Electrical wheelchair; MEMS sensor; Obstacle detection; Microcontroller.


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