April 2019, Vol. 3, No. 4, pp. 33-37.


Design of CPW fed Antenna for WI-MAX Applications
M. Arunraj¹, P. Rajesh¹, D. Deepa¹, S. Ashok Kumar²
¹Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Adithya Institute of Technology, Coimbatore, India.
²Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Jyothishmathi Institute of Technology, Telungana, India.
*Corresponding author’s e-mail:
Here, compact CPW fed shaped antenna is proposed for WI-MAX applications. The proposed antenna is designed on 23.5x28.5mm with Flame Retardant (FR4) substrate contains tan∂=0.02, dielectric constant of 2.4 and thickness 1.6 mm. The antenna works at a resonance frequency of 5.5 GHz and designed using IE3D software. The simulation result shows the return loss, VSWR, radiation pattern, efficiency; gain and impedance are well suited for Wi-MAX applications

​​​​Keywords: Coplanar waveguide; Flame retardant 4; Worldwide interoperability for microwave access; Voltage standing wave ratio.


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ISSN 2456-8449

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